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El Día de los Muertos November 10, 2013

Filed under: Guatemala — Mari Gray @ 10:53 am

I spent the Day of the Dead, November 1st, with some friends in Sumpango, where they hold a gorgeous kite festival every year.  They fly kites with diameters up to 6 meters (or was it it 8?) which translates to GIANT KITES.  This tradition is said to have started to be able to communicate with the dead who are up in the sky, and also to chase away the rain as by November 1st the rainy season should be coming to a much-anticipated end.

The cemetery was festive, with family members having a picnic all-over and eating their fiambre, a traditional pickled dish, together.  Children flying kites everywhere, families laughing together, graves decorated with marigolds… all-in-all probably the”happiest” visit I have ever had to a cemetery.



















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