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Mari is loving Guatemala!

Is Mari Crazy? March 31, 2010

Possibly.  Maybe even quite likely when it comes to those darn cockroaches.  Maybe it was also crazy to extend what was going to be a four-month trip to Belize into a year-long journey of Central America, and then a year and a half out on one of the Galápags Islands.  But what a blast!  I wouldn’t change a thing for the world (except for, maybe, the time when I got robbed at gunpoint… that is not a pleasant memory.)

I spent two months working at Maya Mountain Research Farm in Belize, then almost three months working at Earth Lodge up in the mountains right outside of Antigua, Guatemala.  After that, I went off to the Caribbean island of Utila off the coast of Honduras to become a scuba divemaster.  I dove in the morning and worked at a bar at night.  What a life!  My Central American trip ended in February, 2011, about 11 months after I first flew out of California.

Right after that, I headed to the Galápagos to work at a private bilingual school as the English teacher for their Pre-Kinder and Kinder kids.  Many people have asked me how I got this job, and I tell them it was luck.  Really, I had almost no qualifications in teaching.  But it turned out that I really like working with little kids and was decent at it.

After a year and half at the job, I looked for another opportunity, and that brought me back to Guatemala.  Home, sweet home.  I’m living in Antigua and working with a non-profit up the hill in Aldea El Hato, again teaching preschool English, but this time in a Montessori setting.  So far, so good!


9 Responses to “Is Mari Crazy?”

  1. Ikuska Says:

    no crazier than I am, 🙂

  2. Chelsea Says:

    Yes she is. But I still love her! And I can attest to the cockroach phobia. Buck up, chica! You can handle em! I’m so proud of you, Mari. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Belize. Cuidate mucho! Me haces mucha falta, amiguita!

    Chelsea, Chels, Chela, whatever…

  3. Chelsea Says:

    Oh, and you definitely picked the best blog template 🙂 Don’t change it for anything! I’ll forgive the copyright infringement! Abrazos!!

  4. Sarah Says:



  5. Esmeralda Says:

    Yes! But that is what makes her an adventurer!!!! 😉
    We miss you. Keep having fun!

  6. Pam Vaughan Says:

    Oh not crazy. Growing veggies is fun. Toilet? Just hold your breath. It all works out! Glad Aiko got there with your backpack.

  7. Grandma Says:

    Well, Mari, you’re taking our breath away…. This is the most dramatic thing you’ve done yet, I think. Although there’s a lot of competition….. 🙂

    Hang in there and enjoy all those yummy veggies — you’re going to be a super cook, probably are already. And be sure to use your mosquito netting at night!!!

    Much love, Grandpa and Grandma

  8. Aiko Kobayashi Says:

    hi Mari-chan,
    you are crazy surely, but your mom is more crazy than you.
    what do you think?

    • Fumiko Ohno Says:

      It is a nice blog. I can tell the more adventure, the more fun.
      I know Mari-chan’s family. Specially Mari-chan’s mother. It is not The Addams Family, but the Aiko’s Family. from a friend of the mama

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