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Mari is loving Guatemala!

El Día de los Muertos Giant Kite November 10, 2013

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It’s hard to make giant kites fly!


Finally in Antigua, Guatemala! March 31, 2010

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What a long couple of days!  Moving out of the apartment in Davis, finalizing papers to sublease the place, packing for my trip in Central America, and then catching my first flight at 12:30 am on March 30!  Luckily, my parents scored first-class tickets for me with their mileage, but stopping in Dallas, Miami, and then finally arriving in Guatemala didn’t allow for much sleep at all.  On the bright side, the food was great!  Complete with a gourmet salad, delicious entrée, wine, and a huge bowl of ice cream!  Oh, but despite the priority status that comes with flying first-class, my backpack didn’t make it here; supposedly it’s arriving as I type, but who knows where it actually is… I really do hope it gets here soon, because it had pretty much everything I need to survive in the jungle for the next 4 months or so.

The wonderful nap I took when I got to Posada San Sebastian was unfortunately interrupted by  the evilest creature on earth, and the source of my phobia developed last summer in Panama: la cucaracha.  Great.  Within hours of entering the country, the cockroaches have already declared war.   I bet they can sense fear the way other animals can.  Well, you tiny yet creepishly fast and icky bug, you may have surprised me in my sheets, but I bet you regret that now.  Mari 1: Cockroach 0.  I can’t say that the score would be the same had the cockroach been the size of the Panamanian variety that lived by the dozens in my room in Chiriqui (HUGE), but for now, I am winning!